Toyota Landcruiser petrol FJ series repair manual 1975-1984 NEW

NEW – paperback This Gregory s workshop manual covers all Toyota Land Cruiser wagons utilities hardtops soft tops troop carriers and cab chassis in the FJ 40 45 55 and 60 series built from 1975 to1984 and fitted with the 2F 4230cc petrol engine. It is not a factory manual but provides illustrated step by step descriptions of repair and maintenance procedures based on hands on experience and a vehicle teardown using commonly available tools.Land CruiserFJ Series Petrol 1975 – 1984Wagon Utility Hard Top Soft Top Cab Chassis Troop CarrierFJ 40 45 55 604230cc (2F)No 511 4WD Service Repair ManualOther Toyota Landcruiser Repair Manuals click here more data

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