The Ericofon was an one-piece vinyl phone developed by the Ericsson organization of Sweden and promoted through the last half associated with twentieth century. It absolutely was initial commercially promoted phone to add the dial and handset into one device. Due to its styling and its own influence on future telephone build, the Ericofon is known as one of the main industrial designs for the twentieth century. Its inside assortment of the Museum of todays Art in nyc. In Sweden, the Ericofon is known as the cobra telephone because of its similarity to a coiled snake.

This is certainly a brief history associated with the Ericofon, mostly involving the United States market.
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The Ericofon, made by the L M Ericsson providers of Sweden, is perhaps one of the biggest steps forth in telephone design. World War II have created numerous brand new components. From Plastics to lightweight ferromagnetic content, the door is exposed for a brand new era in phone developing.
proto2.jpg (19913 bytes) when you look at the belated 1940s, Ericsson built a build staff, headed up by H G (Gosta) Thames, to create a fresh build when it comes to phone. The key factor would be to result in the phone small, lightweight, and easy to make use of. After a number of prototypes, a design is satisfied upon and that one which moved into manufacturing for the next 2 decades.

1954 noted the beginning of production the Ericofon. Originally it was meant for institutional use. They receive their biggest customers were hospitals. Imagine laying in a hospital bed, trying to get to up to a desk mobile to dial. The only section design for the Ericofon seemed to be “just what the physician ordered”.

hospital.jpg (21359 bytes)

The Ericofon was created when it comes to European and Australian markets, with home use sales starting in 1956. Ericsson is not able to penetrate the US marketplace with any triumph as a result of Bell phone’s dominance stranglehold regarding telecommunications marketplace. They absolutely rejected to have these “foreign phones” get into use on their circuits. A lot of hype and propaganda concerning concerns of damage to the machine and such were utilized.

After much wrangling, Ma Bell relented and allowed restricted institutional use of the Ericofon, but nonetheless asking mobile rent like they had provided the telephone (each phone in your property ended up being hired from Bell with this era, you don’t get your own phone). Ma Bell considered therefore threatened by this one-piece mobile design that they began research on their own variation. This is just what provided beginning to the Trimline phone a long time later.

18 Oringinal Colors
Initially, Ericsson offered the Ericofon in 18 colors in united states markets, attempting to sell the mobile phones through North Electrical (a phone builder in Ohio), where they’d parts ownership. The crooks to featured an optional “Electronic Tone sign” (later on referred to as “Ericotone”) for a ringer. Whenever homes product sales associated with Ericofon began to explode within the American markets (business surpassing ability by 500per cent), Ericsson enhanced their holdings in North Electrical in order to become the main shareholder. After that around 1961 they moved manufacture for the Ericofon for US marketplace to North Electrical. At the moment, North Electric narrowed the providing of colors from 18 to 8, probably in an effort to get rid of unpopular colors. They also changed the “Princess Pink” with “Petal Pink”. This move is likely made to prevent misunderstandings aided by the now preferred Western Electric supplying “Princess mobile”.

Fleetingly before the transfer of manufacturing to The united states, around 1960, Ericsson had made a build adjustment toward Ericofon to support a unique molding technique creating a one part shell in place of a two part shell. This triggered the phone to be slightly faster and placing more of an angle on receiver end. These are generally described as “old instance” or “new instance” mobile phones. This is the reason the United states made Ericofons have the illusion to be shorter versus Swedish Ericofons.

At some point about 1967, Ericsson introduced the first form of the pushbutton Ericofon that used TouchTone dialing. These models (60A) are very hard to find because there had been a badly created synthetic role in hook-switch apparatus that smashed easily when the mobile was dropped on a hard surface.

In 1972, North Electrical stopped the Ericofon line and offered the rest of the areas and equipment to a phone refurbishing business known as CEAC. They continued production for a short time before ceasing company.

At the same time, in Sweden, Carl-Arne Breger was busy creating a new Ericofon for Ericsson to commemorate the company’s 100th Anniversary in 1976. Some skeptics advise this was also an endeavor to bring back the Ericofon. The now squared down, modernized unit is dubbed the “Ericofon 700”. It met with minimal success rather than performed ensure it is towards American market.

The Ericofon had been developed in the late 1940s by a design group like Gsta Thames, Ralph Lysell, and Hugo Blomberg. The 2 significant aspects of the phone, the handset while the switch, are combined in a single unit. This one-piece build expected the evolution of this typical cordless mobile and mobile by a number of decades. Serial production started in 1954. Early systems are offered only to establishments, however in 1956 production for open-market started in European countries and Australia.

Once the Bell program did not let the procedure of 3rd party equipment to their community, the Ericofon could only be employed by independent telephone organizations in the United States. North Electric in Galion, Ohio made the Ericofon for the united states independent marketplace.

The initial mobile was produced in two slightly different design. The initial variation are somewhat bigger, using earpiece at nearly a 90-degree angle to your base. A later variation has a shorter handle, with the earpiece angled slightly downward. The 2 variations become referred to as the older situation therefore the brand-new circumstances. The old circumstances ended up being molded in 2 components, while the brand-new situation was molded as an individual piece. Both versions are in the beginning produced in 18 colors. They made use of the four-prong connect common in america at the time.

A 3rd variation, the model 700, was produced from 1976. Its quickly recognized from early in the day Ericofons by their squarish design, in addition to changes to your handle and plug.

With regards to was introduced on the U.S. marketplace, the Ericofon is obtainable in 18 colors, but after transfer of manufacturing to North Electrical, the number of colors was paid down to eight. Only a few mobile phones with clear and metallic finishes were produced for unique promotions. Typically the most popular and commonly produced colors were scarlet and bright white. Other colors included numerous pastel tones of blue, green, and red. The phone had been never ever stated in black colored.

More Ericofons have mechanical rotary dials, typical of all phones made in the age. While Ericofons produced by Ericsson used miniature buzzers as ringers, North Electric launched the electronic “Ericotone” ringer. The Ericotone ringer put an easy, one-transistor oscillator circuit to make a distinctive “chirping” noise. It was the earliest uses of a transistor in a telephone; phones with technical bell ringers and rotary dials would not want transistors.

North Electric launched a touch-tone version of the Ericofon in the United States in 1967. Production of this variation is reduced than compared to the rotary-dial Ericofons. A design flaw when you look at the hook turn mechanism causes the touch-tone form of the phone in order to become unusable if it’s set-down too forcibly. North electricity stopped creation of the Ericofon for North America in 1972.

Ericsson launched a push-button form of the Ericofon, the model 700, for the company’s 100th anniversary in 1976. The model 700 had a squarer build than early in the day versions. It absolutely was maybe not a touch-tone mobile. As an alternative, their electronic devices produced electric pulses as the buttons had been pushed, simulating the pulses generated by a rotary dial. Ericsson proceeded to make rotary-dial Ericofons until about 1980.
Latest production

Crazy and Wolf produces an Ericofon-lookalike known as “Scandiphone”. The modern touch-tone mobile will come in a few colors and will be bought from internet shops.
News appearances

The Ericofon is present in a few function movies and shows, mostly in the sixties and 1970s.

An Ericofon appears prominently when you look at the Twilight Zone episode “Third from Sun”, very first broadcast on January 8, 1960.
A white Ericofon is seen regarding office work desk of supervillain in the movie Banco Bangkok put OSS 117 (1964).
An Ericofon seems shortly within the headquarters of this adversary in the 1st episode “Eleven times to Zero” (1964) regarding the TV series Voyage to your Bottom of the ocean.
Within the movie The World of Henry Orient (1964), Peter vendors utilizes an Ericofon inside the room.
An Ericofon is employed in the detectives’ workplace inside 1964–1976 Australian TV show, Homicide.
Red, white, and beige Ericofons appear for the underground studies head office in “Crack on the planet” (1965).
An Ericofon are showcased when you look at the orifice scene in In Like Flint (1967).
When you look at the motion picture Two when it comes to Road (1967), architect level Wallace (Albert Finney) gets a long-distance telephone call at a housewarming party on an Ericofon.
Within the 1967 film Casino Royale, Le Chiffre (Orson Welles) gets a telephone call from SMERSH on an Ericofon.
When you look at the 1969–1972 tvs sets The Courtship of Eddie’s dad, the Corbett domestic possess an Ericofon.
In “Doomsday” (1969), the seventeenth episode of the third season of Mission: Impossible, Jim Phelps (Peter Graves) utilizes a white Ericofon. In following episode, “real time Bait”, an Ericofon could be the desk phone of Helmut Kellermann (Anthony Zerbe), the event’s main antagonist.
a purple Ericofon can be used in a top-security U.S. monitoring place into the episode “The Ninety-Second War: Part II” (1972) of television series Hawaii Five-O.
An Ericofon is seen on a table in a scene from 1973 movie theater of bloodstream.
Numerous Ericofons are used into the French adult funny Young Casanova (1974).
There clearly was a purple Ericofon on Higgins’ desk, into the event “China Doll” (1980) associated with television series Magnum, P.I.
a yellowish Ericofon is positioned on a table in the family room into the 1980 movie Sunday fans.
Dominique Lavanant utilizes a purple Ericofon in Los Angeles boum, a 1980 French movie featuring Sophie Marceau.
An Ericofon is used by Stella within the 1986 Icelandic motion picture Stella orlofi.
The character Myra Gale Brown (played by Winona Ryder) utilizes an Ericofon in some scenes of Great Balls Of Fire! (1989).
The type Teddy Forzman when you look at the television show The Adventures of Pete & Pete (1993–1996) utilizes an Ericofon within the third-season episode “the difficulty with Teddy.”
Ericofons had been showcased when you look at the 1997 motion picture Men in Black. They certainly were the work desk mobile phones at workstations at headquarters.
a modified Ericofon made an appearance as a prop alien telephone within the first-season episode “I, E.T.” of the TV series Farscape (1999–2003).
a character when you look at the 1999 movie But i am a Cheerleader uses an eco-friendly Ericofon.
In the French TV film L’affaire Ben Barka (2007), a white Ericofon can be used in a workplace of the Paris-Orly Airport. The action occurs in 1965.
In Mad guys (2007-2012), Roger Sterling uses an Ericofon inside the newer workplace. The activity is scheduled inside sixties.
Within the episode “there is certainly Another Sky” (2010) associated with television series Caprica, Joseph Adama gets a call on an Ericofon.
Inside 2015 film the guy from U.N.C.L.E., Victoria Vinciguerra try briefly observed talking on an aqua mist colored Ericofon.

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