Carroll Shelby

Carroll Shelby by Rinsey MillsThe long-awaited authorized biography of Carroll Shelby written with his full collaboration is a remarkable account of an action-packed life. Though Shelby gained worldwide fame in the 1960s with Cobras and Ford GT40s he has achieved much more in a long and varied career both around cars and in other spheres. It is all recorded here in superb detail from childhood to life today as a busy 86-year-old who still sets himself a punishing schedule of business and actively seeks further goals. Packed with insight and fresh information gleaned from dozens of interviews this outstanding biography will be essential reading for all car enthusiasts.Carroll Shelby by Rinsey Mills more here…..

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Motorbooks – Murdoch books Celebrate the 50th anniversary of Ford’s iconic 1966 victory and get the detailed back story leading to that historic win–including the parts played by Enzo Ferrari, Henry Ford II, and Carroll Shelby.

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plinth in Brisbane Region, QLD | Gumtree Australia Free … Stunning Carroll Shelby Red Roadster..Size 7.5 cm W…X ..16.5 cm long sitting on an underneath elevate the display..missing windscreen..& priced accordingly @ only $19. Location for your Viewing is very central, in the Kelvin Grove / Ashgrove area.. You may like to Email or Call Judy or Peter Mc.

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