British Racing Green

British Racing Green by David VenablesIn this dramatic first volume leading experts of British motor racing reveal the amazing stories behind their successes and failures the great classic endurance races and Grand Prix contests in which they dominated – or faced disaster. It took Britain a few years to get to grips with first-rank motor racing. Only after World War 2 as David Venables so dramatically portrays did Britain get the hang of Formula 1 racing. Once it did there was no stopping British cars and drivers. Engines from Coventry Climax and then Cosworth sat behind great champions including Stirling Moss Mike Hawthorn Jim Clark Graham Hill John Surtees and Jackie Stewart. Meanwhile Jaguar and Aston Martin flew the Union Jack with pride at Le Mans. A reborn Donington joined Goodwood Silverstone and Brands Hatch as the UK s classic tracks. Thrusting teams like Williams Tyrrell McLaren and Brabham joined Lotus at the forefront of Grand Prix racing with the likes of James Hunt Damon Hill Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton at their wheels.Between these covers these men and their machines come colourfully to life in authoritative text rare illustrations from the world-renowned Ludvigsen Library and striking portraits of great racing cars specially commissioned for this book.British Racing Green by David Venables more advice

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