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Amazing Tractors by Peter HenshawGet other Tractor repair manuals hereEach book in the 6.5in x 8in Amazing Facts and Trivia series is beautifully illustrated and contains hundreds of colorful pieces of artwork photographs and diagrams. These quirky books are designed to be opened to any page so that readers can discover intriguing stories facts tips and trivia.Tractors are amazing. You know that already though or you probably wouldn t be reading this. Who was Old Abe? What is a Mobius Band? Which is better wheels or rubber tracks? You ll find the world s first tractor in here the fastest and the most powerful. Learn about tractor stunts racing and pulling.Ferrari Porsche and Lamborghini–all of them well-known sports car manufacturers–have had their names appear on tractors. Amazing Tractors Facts and Trivia details the inner mechanisms of tractors their engines cabs and paint jobs. Why were Allis-Chalmers painted bright orange for years? You ll find out in this book.Along with the trivia you ll find practical tips on how to plow a field how to look after a three-point linkage and maintain a tractor. Driving tips and specific how-to advice like how to calculate the ideal amount of wheel slip and ballast a tractor properly are also included. Technical details like torque articulated steering horsepower definitions and fuel consumption are discussed and you ll also find safety tips to help deal with the noise of tractors and avoid potential accidents.Amazing Tractors by Peter Henshaw more tips

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