Alfa Romeo Tipo

car repair manual
car repair manual
Alfa Romeo Tipo 33 by Peter CollinsGet other Alfa repair manuals hereThis is the first book to be written about the history and development of Alfa Romeo’s fabulous Tipo 33 prototype racers. Carlo Chiti’s sports cars of the 1960s and 70s won the Manufacturers World Championships in 1975 and 1977 but few records were kept then about the many variants produced. This book reveals everything with previously unpublished photographs and interviews making it a vital addition to any Alfa enthusiast’s collection. Details of all Alfa T33 drivers History and development of each model Individual chassis histories Interviews with key personalities Many previously unpublished photographs T33-based concept car analysis Track tests of original cars driven and photographed by the authorsAlfa Romeo Tipo 33 by Peter Collins more advice

Alfa Romeo Tipo

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